Childhood never back but we can expect

Life change very soon, but Don’t forget the way where you are coming from.

Starting from the present:

Angel arrived new place she is new to that place. She doesn’t know anyone in that place. But, her cousin living in the place near to her. But no response from him.

She just always called that number, but the number always unavailable.

Past memories:

She and her cousin were a good friends and good brother and sister in this world. She plays with him, she fights with him, she feels like that is her own brother. He is also feeling like his own sister. She loved him more than he loved her. She remembered his birthday and send a gift to him. It is not more valuable sometimes, it’s only few amount,but she spent her little little coins for buying a gift for her brother. But she felt he was taking her gift always valuable. But she didn’t get any reply from his side. But she continuously sends him gifts and greeting card.

Childhood never back but we can expect

Their relatives tried to break up their relation. Sometimes their close relatives make fun with her, like why you always be a good sister for him?

But she didn’t response anything to them. She always makes a nice smile to them, but inside she cried. But she always needs his word like you are my sister no one can understand, but you will always my little sister.

But he is not replying to her like what she thought. After so many years gone, they are also going very far from their childhood, their close relatives made this. Or else their relatives want more their distance. But right now they are reaching near to near, but he won’t meet her. She is waiting for his words. She doesn’t know he will reply or not. But I promised her one day all things will change and she will get all the answers. She always prays for her brother and all relatives and friends.

brother & sister_Fotor

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